The Bennett Hofford Construction Company has humble roots from when John H. Hofford began his career in construction while still a college student, preparing him to start his own construction company in 1979. Initially he engaged in labor subcontracting for framing and siding, and eventually moved into General Contracting for larger projects. From the beginning, all work from foundations to roofing was performed in-house, which provided a tremendous amount of hands-on experience for Hofford and his team. He quickly transformed his business and gained a much-deserved reputation for excellence.

In 1983, John H. Hofford became President of Bennett Hofford Construction Company, Inc., and began its tradition of building high-end, custom residential homes. The result was a thriving company that grew into award-winning historic restorations and commercial land development.

Since then, Bennett Hofford has built over 300 of the highest quality homes and neighborhoods all over the Lowcountry and along the coast of South Carolina. As one of the first and now well-known developers on Kiawah Island, a great number of our homes are on Kiawah; however, that has led to numerous homes on neighboring Seabrook, Edisto and Wadmalaw Islands.

In 1990 Bennett Hofford received the Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects, and in 1993 the company achieved the Grand Award from Builders Magazine.

More recently, Bennett Hofford has been involved in the development of Poplar Grove, a conservation community in Charleston, SC. situated on 6,500 acres of marshlands, woods, canals, ponds, open waterways, and nature trails. In 2007 the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development selected Bennett Hofford to build the nation's second PATH Concept Home at Poplar Grove. Hofford continues to participate in H.U.D. programs that identify and promote strategies for better home building.

The enormous success of Bennett Hofford Construction is largely attributed to its client-oriented team of professionals, all of whom have been with the company for years. The wealth of talent, dedication and experience of the team further sets Bennett Hofford Construction Company apart from the competition. Hofford's far-reaching vision and strong leadership have proven to be a successful guide to the company for 28 years and counting.

Hank Hofford


John H. (Hank) Hofford is one of Charleston's most successful and highly respected entrepreneurs. Always armed with a healthy appreciation for the region's rich history as well as an exceptionally keen eye for the future, Hank has had a diverse and distinguished career since graduating from Clemson University in 1976. Hank continues to leave his indelible mark in the construction, development and hospitality fields throughout the Lowcountry, while leaving his proudest footprint upon the incredible foundation he helped birth. John Hank Hofford

Hank began his career in construction and formed what would become a legendary construction and development force, The Bennett Hofford Construction Company Inc. With Hank as President, Bennett Hofford became synonymous with both exceptional high-end residential construction and meticulous historic residential and commercial renovation.

Hank has successfully partnered with many of the region's most talented, enabling him to have influenced the area's hospitality industry in a big way. Holy City Hospitality boasts three of Charleston's finest restaurants and a well-known catering company, including the favorite 39 Rue De Jean and one of the region's most breathtaking private venues. The Charleston Music Hall continues to heavily influence the city's downtown entertainment scene. It is likely that those seeking a quality hotel experience in Charleston and for that matter Savannah also, have benefited from Hank's persistence and foresight. Hank's reach has extended to the Caribbean, exampled by his reputation in both the Bahamas and St. Kitts.

Ambitious, conscientious, respectful and forward thinking are words that help to accurately describe this humble, self-made South Carolina native. He is extremely proud of his involvement in Poplar Grove, a development consistent with Hank's love affair with nature and his lifetime as an outdoorsman. In that spirit, Hank has recently turned his attention to a number of exciting and impactful 'green' projects, including both Energy City and Holly Hill Energy Park.

Other than his beautiful wife and confidante of thirty-plus years, Susan, and his three wonderful children, nothing makes Hank Hofford more proud than the South Carolina Maritime Foundation that he helped found. The foundation is centered around owning and operating a sailing school vessel the Spirit of South Carolina, which they built from the keel up and launched in 2007. Driven by his passionate love for both the sea and the coastline of the state he loves so dearly, Hank worked diligently to ensure that future generations would continue to appreciate and respect the wonder of the sea.